The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 2,744 - May 18 2014

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Clues Answers
Admirable person repeatedly contributing to stage management GEM
Adventurously moving piece, rushed attempt to capture queen KNIGHTERRANTRY
Agree with Conservative about despicable type CONCUR
Bonnie and Clyde, say, left in American car COUPLE
Check restraining macho types getting heated VEHEMENT
Colour of hair improved when cut with streak put in BRUNETTE
Cook for short time that's rounded off UNDERDO
Delicious drink in the neighbourhood around court NECTAR
Diligent musical group ahead of us on river INDUSTRIOUS
Diminish captain's position in game CONTRACTBRIDGE
Discoverer of stars having latest count wrong TALENTSCOUT
From taps, initially, a drink CHA
Go round the world in MCC tour I've again organised, missing nothing CIRCUMNAVIGATE
Hand in scholarship that's again providing entry READMITTING
Clues Answers
Not just dark, also raining perhaps? UNFAIR
Off colour? RED
Person operating over time as supplier of delicacy STURGEON
Player who excels in matches, ignoring the odds ACE
Poet leading international group, as result of big hit in US HOMERUN
Pressured to wear informal clothing outside university UNDERDURESS
Raced around area, infuriated, in fast time RAMADAN
Relevant as a new drug after what causes illness GERMANE
Revolutionary movement adjusting without monarch TURNING
Running one kind of entertainment INFLIGHT
Travel with French writer mostly in mind to see how countries are run GOVERNMENTALLY
Unusual CD I am on, always moving? NOMADIC
Visionary's other novel covering page after page PROPHET
What's contained in shot in local drunk? ALCOHOL