The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 1,180 - May 1 2014

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Clues Answers
A lot within the rules, but not initially AWFULLY
A man's claret poured out as wine in a religious ritual SACRAMENTAL
Attack is quick, not quiet RAID
Blood carrier, a kind heading off on ambulance initially AORTA
Bond's old lover shown in flipping tabloid NEXUS
Bottom of unattractive woman not fine RUMP
Clothes worker tucked into items of food PANTIES
Duck in river returning for more than just crumbs! LOAF
English name in the style of French name ALAN
Eric maybe offering nice brandy FINE
Female performer alert perhaps with exceptional ardency BELLYDANCER
Fire in pile that finally gets put out SACK
Glad to be cooler, one taking shelter FAIN
Hollow bargain -- pound for an article DELL
I tend to go wild about writer and study, not involving others INDEPENDENT
Interrupt drink at inn round start of evening BARGEIN
Clues Answers
Jack maybe is one sitting on table PLAYINGCARD
Leapers going wrong fall back RELAPSE
Name of battle vessel recalled in periodic publication ALMANAC
Name of political leader not all like, I reckon KEIR
Oil company storing designs in this place in a field offering many views BLOGOSPHERE
One to illuminate predicament in the sea for the French LAMPLIGHTER
One who'd shuffle around in dance HOEDOWN
Pagan god of love and disharmony ODIN
Piercing sound of footballer Roy KEEN
Piggy noises not good from them? RUNTS
Queen's rolled over by the man in small bed, old King SENNACHERIB
Right skinny, by the sound of it LIEN
Robber leaps around -- someone may get a close shave, being near one BARBERSPOLE
Sorbonne article by academic deceived LEDON
Vehicle outside wood vandalised? SLASHED
Wicked daughter disappeared with anger unending GONERIL