The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 27,253 - Aug 10 2013

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Clues Answers
A bit of vinegar licked -- it's pungent GARLIC
Beginning of aerial race? FLYINGSTART
Bet loathed being given order for set meal (5,1'4) TABLEDHOTE
Blood red, getting cut, on the canvas -- massage needed! RUBDOWN
Coming into money, married in country SWEDEN
Contract marriage partner witnessed in reception area DRAWINGROOM
Dawn, woman losing head with gold in clasp AURORA
Distribution from shop, in manner of speaking DELIVERY
Full pint? Very much so NOTHALF
General worker, agent losing right to join corporation FACTOTUM
Girl, learner, getting rope disentangled for jockey? GALLOPER
I had taken the plunge outside Split DIVIDED
I'll leave oil in river, making sport while horsing around? POLO
If recalled, clergyman will return note FIVER
Clues Answers
Keenness shown by Thirty-First's group of outriders? THIRST
Legendary Egghead toppled thus? It's unexpected OFFTHEWALL
Note inserted in otherwise identical sort of music INCIDENTAL
Notice over missing record DISC
Novel actions clubmen organised UNCLETOMSCABIN
Obscure extra had to interrupt broadcast OVERSHADOW
Pained expression when penny falls out of pocket OUCH
Part of plant found in grassy area, foliage primarily LEAF
Perch on branch or tubers, twisted at the end ROOST
Perfectionist making jam by the French recipe, in short STICKLER
Saying name of dog in lead PROVERB
Shopkeeper with dog in the back, we hear RETAILER
Soldiers and supporter entering in test INFANTRY
Stones' leader? He's a card KINGOFDIAMONDS