New York Times - Oct 26 1999

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Clues Answers
''Tis a pity' TSK
'Green Acres' co-star EVAGABOR
'Hey, bud!' PSST
'Red hot' person MAMA
'So...?' AND
'Stop bugging me!' QUITIT
'There but for the grace of God ___' GOI
1884 Helen Hunt Jackson novel RAMONA
About, in memos INRE
Actress ___ Chong RAEDAWN
Angry state SNIT
Appends ADDSON
Apt. features BRS
Bard's 'before' ERE
Blow out EXHALE
Capital of Australia CANBERRA
Carrier to Stockholm SAS
Cartoonist Browne DIK
Consecutively INAROW
Creme-filled snack OREO
Defensive spray MACE
Discharge EMISSION
Egg, for one GAMETE
Encouraged EGGEDON
English poet laureate Hughes TED
Friendliness AMITY
Furnace output HEAT
Garden shelter GAZEBO
Gather REAP
Geometry suffix GON
German subs UBOATS
Ginger ___ ALE
Grandson of Adam ENOS
Hip 1984 Bill Murray film GHOSTBUSTERS
Hush-hush org. CIA
Inside view? XRAY
Jerusalem's home: Abbr. ISR
Judge in 1996 news ITO
Clues Answers
Lipstick shades REDS
Londoner, e.g. BRIT
Mad. ___ AVE
Many an airline seat request AISLE
Marine food fish SEABASS
Mark the boundaries of DELIMIT
Massages RUBS
Mouth puckerers LEMONS
Musical with an exclamation point in its name OLIVER
Not busy IDLE
Nullify NEGATE
One of Alcott's 'Little Women' BETH
One of the Barrymores ETHEL
Optometrist's interest EYE
Paid to hold hands? ANTED
Palatine Hill site ROME
Party manager, in Congress WHIP
Patrick and Paul: Abbr. STS
Poor grades DEES
Prefix with lateral EQUI
Put past? ACED
Quick turn ZIG
Ready for an asylum MAD
Refuse SAYNO
Sailor's affirmative AYE
Sesame Street character GROVER
Solidifies SETS
Solidifies CONGEALS
String ensemble, maybe OCTET
Suffix with switch EROO
Tannish ECRU
Tennis call LET
Tit for ___ TAT
Tourist's staple CAMERA
Uninvited guests PARTYCRASHERS
Violates the rules ISNTOK
Women who go after other women's men HOMEWRECKERS
___ la Douce IRMA