The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 27,365 - Dec 19 2013

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Clues Answers
10 American soldiers lifted seal SIGNET
About ready? MONETARY
Almost everyone is in one country or another AUSTRALIA
Any Lulu moves captivating American, surprisingly UNUSUALLY
Around middle of board puts kings and queens here? PALACES
Casanova love-nest taking shape OVAL
Catches bugs around river TRAPS
Country clubs? Lad's not excited about that SCOTLAND
Crease knight's cloth LINEN
Criticism in article lay badly with sibling ANALYSIS
Daughter is to perform in show DISPLAY
Engineer cut iron cost with new building CONSTRUCTION
Excellent fish ain't at sea! BRILLIANT
Failing to follow advertisement's counsel ADVICE
Fake qualification left out IMITATION
Clues Answers
Farm register TILL
Feeling blue? ATMOSPHERE
Fellow switched future car brand MANUFACTURER
Flower's dropping, overrun by returning crowd BLOSSOM
Footwear for those who fall over? SLIPPERS
In French, starts to nag us, implying boredom ENNUI
In new fashion, dump tie? Ill bred Multiplied
Letters from prisoners upsetting to nans CONSONANTS
Really hot nuts, say THOROUGHLY
Reset PC to correct after-image? SPECTRE
Small hole for capturing animals -- this might be released from the trap SPIT
Talk about Western type of jazz SWING
Type of exam -- enters for a laugh ORAL
Well-mannered coppers with time for first of complaints POLITE
Where Boris Johnson might be eccentric, embracing leaders in New Delhi LONDON