The Telegraph - GK CROSSWORD NO: 245 - Jul 1 2013

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Clues Answers
(Antoine) Gustave --, French painter and novelist (1832-95) DROZ
-- Farm, the setting for 'Animal Farm' by George Orwell MANOR
-- Martin, American entertainer DEAN
A member of an American Indian people living mainly in SW Arizona YUMA
Alfred --, English poet (1880-1958) NOYES
American designer of costume jewellery MIRIAMHASKELL
Athenian comic poet; Athenian statesman noted for his financial administration EUBULUS
Author of 'Life of Pi', a Man Booker prize-winning novel YANNMARTEL
Black --, a cocktail of vodka and coffee liqueur RUSSIAN
Capital of Greenland NUUK
City in California founded by Mormons from Salt Lake City SANBERNARDINO
Facing away from the stem of a plant (in particular denoting the lower surface of a leaf) ABAXIAL
Greyish Australian shark of shallow inshore waters NURSE
Historically, a written decree of the Sultan of Turkey IRADE
James --, director of the film 'Titanic' CAMERON
Clues Answers
London station KINGSCROSS
Mountain in India, in Uttarakhand in the Himalayas NANDADEVI
Novel (subtitled 'Ruling Passions') by Lawrence Durrell SEBASTIAN
Novel by Joseph Conrad and Ford Madox Ford (Hueffer in first edition) ROMANCE
One of the sisters of Nancy Mitford UNITY
Peninsula in Central America extending into the Gulf of Mexico YUCATAN
Piece of music in which a refrain is repeated between episodes RONDO
Play by Howard Brenton on the life of one of Henry VIII's wives ANNEBOLEYN
Port of Denmark, on the east coast of the Jutland peninsula RANDERS
Port on the Humber estuary GRIMSBY
Rod --, actor who won the Best Actor Oscar for his role in 'In the Heat of the Night' STEIGER
Swimming bird with all four toes webbed together STEGANOPOD
Train connecting Adelaide and Alice Springs THEGHAN
Very sweet variety of plum GREENGAGE
Victoria --, English cyclist and Olympic gold medal winner PENDLETON