The Telegraph - GK CROSSWORD NO: 1,093 - Nov 3 2013

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Clues Answers
1994 film starring Uma Thurman PULPFICTION
Alternative spelling for an Australian flightless bird EMEU
An overlapping of tiles on a roof IMBRICATION
Ancient breed of white-coated cattle Chillingham
Character played by Frank Thornton in 'Last of the Summer Wine' TRULY
City on Lena River in eastern Russia YAKUTSK
Compartment in a building ROOM
Country in South Pacific north of New Zealand FIJI
Cut of beef from neck to shoulder blade CHUCK
Dutch name for The Hague SGRAVENHAGE
Flat metal piece used as money COIN
Force 8 on Beaufort Scale GALE
Indiana, the -- State HOOSIER
Legislative assembly of a German state LANDTAG
Long-winged aquatic bird TERN
Make a sound like a cricket or grasshopper CHIRR
Clues Answers
Monkey of the South American genus Aotus DOUROUCOULI
Move 25 Down or file across the screen DRAGANDDROP
Not characteristic of the upper class NONU
Originating from living creatures ORGANIC
Peter Sellers, e.g., on the radio GOON
Plant of the Hypericum genus STJOHNSWORT
Plant's climbing organ TENDRIL
Representation of Christ venerated in the Eastern Church ICON
Sloppy sentimentality MUSH
Small case, especially one for keeping needles ETUI
Small light rowing boat SCULL
Soup made using smoked haddock CULLENSKINK
State of being a married couple WEDLOCK
Surgical knife with a short thin blade SCALPEL
Synthetic resin or textile fibre ACRYLIC
Technical name for the hip bone COXA