New York Times - Oct 24 2007

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Clues Answers
'Camelot' actor Franco NERO
'Follow me!' CMON
'Isn't that beautiful?!' OOH
'Just ___!' ASEC
'The Black Stallion' boy ALEC
'The Taming of the Shrew' setting PADUA
'Warm' NEAR
*Always the same SEMPERIDEM
*Behold the proof ECCESIGNUM
*From the beginning ABOVO
*Solid ground TERRAFIRMA
*The die is cast ALEAIACTAEST
*Without which not SINEQUANON
*You should have the body HABEASCORPUS
7'1' N.B.A. star, informally SHAQ
7-Up flavor LIME
Air quality org. EPA
Alertness aid NODOZ
All alternative CHEER
Back muscles, for short LATS
Bank rights LIENS
Big pet food brand IAMS
Black lacquer JAPAN
Bobby of Boston ORR
Bottom of a lily BULB
Briefs, briefly BVDS
Bud's comedy sidekick LOU
Canonized figure SAINT
Catches in the act NABS
Charges WARDS
Clinker ERROR
Cry before 'It's you!' AHA
Debussy's 'La ___' MER
Easter serving LAMB
Erica who wrote 'Any Woman's Blues' JONG
Fall colors RUSTS
Filibuster, in a way ORATE
Formerly, once ERST
Funny ones RIOTS
Clues Answers
Gallery display ART
Getaway alerts, for short APBS
Gray-brown goose NENE
He said 'Slump? I ain't in no slump. I just ain't hitting' BERRA
Homeless animal STRAY
Innovative 1982 Disney film TRON
Kind of number ATOMIC
Lacking purpose AIMLESS
Leave in stitches? SEW
Like a busybody NOSY
Locker room supply TALC
Look after SEETO
Male cat TOM
Mimicked APED
Money in the bank, e.g. ASSET
Nellie of opera MELBA
One who's not 'it' HIDER
Online currency ECASH
Other, in the barrio OTRA
Pageant wear SASHES
Part of a C.E.O.'s résumé MBA
Pertaining to flying AERO
Pince-___ NEZ
Pro at balancing CPA
Round dance official CUER
Schoenberg's 'Moses und ___' ARON
Shout to a team, maybe MUSH
Some Peters TSARS
Sport whose name means 'gentle way' JUDO
Stern that bows ISAAC
Succulent plant ALOE
They're rather pointless EPEES
Title in S. Amer. SRA
Topic: Abbr. SUBJ
Turndown REFUSAL
Van Gogh floral subject IRIS
Wood-turning tool LATHE
___ Grove, N.J. PENNS