New York Times - Oct 21 2007

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Clues Answers
'Biography' channel AANDE
'Day of ___' (what 'Dies Irae' means) WRATH
'Mr. Cowell, grab that 'American Idol' contestant!'? SIMONSEIZE
'Nice!' SWEET
'Take your time' NORUSH
'The Break-Up' co-star, 2006 ANISTON
'The Great ___' (Pat Conroy novel) SANTINI
'The Treachery of Images' artist MAGRITTE
'While We're Young' songwriter Wilder ALEC
'___ say ...' SADTO
13 years before the Battle of Hastings MLIII
1932 Democratic campaign plank REPEAL
90 degrees from sur ESTE
A defendant may be tried in it ABSENTIA
A/C meas. BTU
Achieved in school athletics LETTERED
Banded rock GNEISS
Ben-Hur, for a time SLAVE
Bit of congratulations PAT
Black bird DAW
Blood fluids SERA
Blue chip, maybe ANTE
Bobby of the Chicago Eight SEALE
Brand of Lego bricks DUPLO
Bully turned Samaritan? AGOODMEANIE
Bundle of pies? PASTRYSHEAF
Bygone explosion, in headlines NTEST
Capsized, with 'over' KEELED
Cartoon character who amorously chases Penelope LEPEW
Cartoonist who created the Tammany Hall tiger NAST
Charley horse, e.g. SPASM
Chinese mafia TONG
Chuck TOSS
Clambake item STEAMER
Cold war jet MIG
Comeback RIPOSTE
Commercial end for Water PIK
Common pizzeria order ONESLICE
Cornwall carriage PRAM
Drawn back WANED
Drink with a straw SODAPOP
Drudge PEON
Elevator button DOWN
Eschewing help SOLOING
Euripides tragedy MEDEA
Extraction PARENTAGE
Eye part UVEA
Eyed angrily GLAREDAT
Faction SECT
Fair-sized plot ACRE
Fisherman's trap EELPOT
Football Hall-of-Famer ___ (Greasy) Neale EARLE
For fear that LEST
For one EACH
Former Israeli president Weizman EZER
Freedom from government control, for short DEREG
Go for again RETRY
Haberdashery purchases TIECLIPS
HBO founder Charles DOLAN
Heaps ALOT
House Un-American Activities Committee event? REDHEARING
Houston pro soccer team DYNAMO
Hungarian MAGYAR
Indian honorific SAHIB
Intrinsically PERSE
It ends with a baccalauréat LYCEE
It goes around at an amusement park STILE
It may not need clarification OLEO
Clues Answers
Italian eyeglass LENTE
Last ruler of the Julio-Claudian dynasty NERO
Latch ___ ONTO
Less sufficient SCANTER
Level TIER
Lie detector alternative PENTOTHAL
Lifeless INERT
Like most sitcoms EPISODIC
Made a case PLED
Market value of a company's assets divided by their replacement cost QRATIO
Modern prefix with village ECO
Nasty biter CUR
Neuron's tips? ENS
Not take out of the company, say REINVEST
Nurse SIP
Object rising in a Van Gogh landscape MOON
Oil used in making polyurethane ANILINE
One cold symptom EARACHE
Onetime Movietone productions NEWSREELS
Open-mesh fabric ETAMINE
Organization of easily frightened people? CHICKENLEAGUE
Part of a dash TACH
Peru's El ___ volcano MISTI
Place for couples? ARK
Place to buy a hookah BAZAAR
Precious, to a Brit TWEE
Procter & Gamble soap ZEST
Psalm, e.g. PAEAN
Psychiatrist's urging LETITOUT
Radio no. FREQ
Reach rival ORALB
Real-estate ad abbr. BSMT
Red Sea port SUEZ
Relatively recent time LATEDATE
Resting places TOMBS
Result of not wearing rouge? BLANKCHEEK
Right triangle figure SINE
Roman emperor with a three-month reign OTHO
Roofed patio LANAI
Seven ___ SEAS
Shoe store purchase LACES
Sign up ENROLL
Some footballers: Abbr. RTS
Some game DEER
Some movie theaters AMCS
Some skirts MIDIS
Something bid ADIEU
Speech spot DAIS
Stand-up comedian Caroline RHEA
Start to weep SHEDATEAR
State AVER
Strict Jesuit? HARDPRIEST
They're checked at the door IDS
Towel stitching HERS
Transcript fig. GPA
Traveling ERRANT
Turns the other way ZAGS
Unbending STEELY
Univ. paper DISS
Video shooters, for short CAMS
W.W. II nickname ILDUCE
Wagner's Tannhäuser, e.g. TENOR
Word before or after old AGE
Wrong TORT