The Telegraph - Quick - Feb 8 2013

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Clues Answers
24 hours DAY
Ancient monument site STONEHENGE
Badger's home SETT
Colouring agent DYE
Contend FIGHT
Dairy product YOGHURT
Dog's name; king REX
Dominating position WHIPHAND
Former US president NIXON
Girl invited into garden (song) MAUD
Greek geometer EUCLID
Inner group CLIQUE
Light blue AZURE
Clues Answers
Most constrained TIGHTEST
Not subject to levy UNTAXED
Observe SEE
Octave (anag.); wading bird AVOCET
Old Master TITIAN
Scotttish churchman KNOX
State founded by Mormon UTAH
Substituted REPLACED
Succesively INTURN
Superior BETTER
Swivel PIVOT
Take aback STUN
West Indian JAMAICAN
Wound from whip WEAL