Universal - Oct 20 2007

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Clues Answers
''Gimme a 'C,''' e.g. YELL
''Hoi'' follower POLLOI
''Immediately, nurse!'' STAT
''On Golden ___'' POND
''The Morning Watch'' author AGEE
21st Greek letter PHI
A Beatle's spouse ONO
Acted wordlessly MIMED
Airport guesstimate, briefly ETA
Android ROBOT
Boat front PROW
Bother, in a title of The Bard ADO
Capital of Japan TOKYO
Certain Egyptian COPT
Certain Iroquoian language ONEIDA
Day's ''will be'' SERA
Decorative pin BROOCH
Deep chasm ABYSS
Face up to, as a challenge MEET
Grand-Island link CAYMAN
Greek porch STOA
Hammer part PEEN
Health farm SPA
Hiker or biker's spot TRAIL
Insecticide device FOGGER
It's filled with bills ATM
Kind of energy ATOMIC
Landscaping tools EDGERS
Late golfer Stewart PAYNE
Lecture TALK
Like books and motion pictures TITLED
Making haste HYING
Midvoyage ASEA
Move to another table RESEAT
Native Americans of Missouri OSAGES
Nervous ANTSY
New Delhi is its capital INDIA
Northeast state MAINE
Not at a specific place ANYWHERE
Clues Answers
Obstacle to free speech? GAG
Order precursor LAW
Ox of puzzle fame ANOA
Pass, as time ELAPSE
Performing a farm chore SHEARINGSHEEP
Performing a farm chore MILKINGTHECOW
Performing a farm chore GATHERINGEGGS
Pester ANNOY
Poem of praise ODE
Printer's need INK
Put two and two together INFER
Recurring-theme composition RONDO
Repose EASE
Salamander family member NEWT
Scottish baron THANE
Small indefinite quantities TRACES
Smidgen of salt DASH
Society page word NEE
Some are fake IDS
Start for ''while'' ERST
Supplies with people MANS
Swerves off course YAWS
Tease RIB
They are long stories SAGAS
Thompson or Lazarus EMMA
Three-dimensional image HOLOGRAM
Toddler's ritual NAP
Trusted one PAL
Turn in the right direction ORIENT
Type of code AREA
Very SoHo ARTY
Was in charge of RAN
Water nymph, in mythology NAIAD
Where the caboose is REAR
Word in a Gibson film title LETHAL
Word with ''black'' or ''private'' EYE
You may get fooled when it arrives APRIL
___ Lobos (''La Bamba'' group) LOS