The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 26,920 - Jul 17 2012

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Clues Answers
A politician and artist going round house for a jar AMPHORA
At home, tire badly; beginning of afternoon's lethargy INERTIA
Bolt's fast -- thanks to him? LOCKSMITH
Character on television put into print TYPESET
Cheat's fed up with a drug -- almost strange DEFRAUD
Clumsy, I knock over writer with front of trolley INEPT
Concentrate on the house in front of me and you FOCUS
Conservative list is fair CLEAN
End of crowd by pitch -- are bats extremely low-priced? DIRTCHEAP
Ford, e.g., parking next to dwelling PRESIDENT
Frank attacked applicant CANDIDATE
Get round tip of iceberg? It can't, sadly TITANIC
Is stomach upset? One probably enjoys it MASOCHIST
It measures current in the morning and energy used in new term AMMETER
It's used for trapping snitch infiltrating ring? On the contrary NOOSE
Last text remembered? Not entirely EXTREME
Clues Answers
Parcel pa distributed containing black fruit CRABAPPLE
Particular esteem RESPECT
Raise cheer about beginnings of Enigmatic Variations ELEVATE
Roll along as turn right comes up, getting led astray TRUNDLE
Rubbish shot, finally, by England penalty taker TWADDLE
Sat around horse in this fashion? ASTRIDE
Sing the praises of former lover set to come back EXTOL
Sir partied wildly, ignoring start of tooth decay DISREPAIR
Snake's angrier after losing its head ADDER
Somebody let off alarm STARTLE
Start of Chopin -- it's in authentic concert RECITAL
Talk about Olympic event with son DISCUSS
Used to be thoughtful, dear? EXPENSIVE
Volunteers set out to get sample TASTE
Working on DPhil -- one's supposedly intelligent DOLPHIN
Worry about Democratic party CADRE