L.A. Times Daily - Oct 18 2007

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Clues Answers
"Starry Night," for one OIL
"The First Wives Club" actress HAWN
"__ you satisfied?" ARE
2004 Kinsey portrayer Neeson LIAM
African title of respect BWANA
Application USE
Avg. size MED
Blood carrier AORTA
Bodega owner, often LATINO
Bolivian export TIN
Bowler's aid GLOVE
Central U.S. agricultural area WHEATBELT
City on the Rhone ARLES
Come (to) AMOUNT
Copier need TONER
Couldn't abide HATED
Different from what's expected ODD
Diminutive Spanish suffix ITA
Eastern principle TAO
English cathedral city ELY
Et __ ALII
Flag position HALFMAST
Fund for the future, briefly IRA
Gp. concerned with class struggles? PTA
Greeted at the door SAWIN
Gullible NAIVE
Helped through a difficult time, with "over" TIDED
Hidden treasure TROVE
Highly charged, as an issue HOTBUTTON
Is sore ACHES
Keeping quiet SEDATING
Kind of dog CHILI
Le Sage novel "Gil __" BLAS
Light cigar CLARO
Light overhead? HALO
Like cornstalks EARED
Clues Answers
Like four Sandy Koufax games NOHIT
Lincoln center? CEE
Load (up), as energy food CARB
Mail in a box SHIP
Maude portrayer BEA
Michaelmas daisy ASTER
Mother of Seth EVE
Much-sought ideal HOLYGRAIL
Nabisco cookies OREOS
Narrow-necked pear BOSC
Neck and neck CLOSE
Not appropriate ILLSUITED
Oldman or Newman ACTOR
Olympic dancing venue ICE
Outline clearly ETCH
Phrase indicating small progress ATOB
Pi follower RHO
Racetrack part RAIL
Search, with "into" DELVE
Shrimplike critter PRAWN
Slalom curve ESS
Slowpoke SNAIL
Son of 4-Down CAIN
Splotch BLOB
Spoil, with "on" DOTE
Spoken ORAL
Strainer SIEVE
Stutz contemporary REO
Theme of this puzzle THINGSWITHHOLES
Two little words? ILOVE
Va.-based Web giant AOL
West Coast gridder NINER
What push may come to SHOVE
Wisecrack response, in modern shorthand LOL
Worked on a roof TILED