The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 26,898 - Jun 21 2012

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Clues Answers
'Bond' feature with adult content CHAIN
'Inception' filming location ONSET
'Little Boy'? No, a smaller, older explosive device MINUTEMAN
...keen on catching Queen opening INTRO
At home, United in exercise process INPUT
Criminal disturbance around street assembly CONSTRUCTION
Deceive girl, almost fashionable model MISINFORM
Devour pig's tail in blood GORGE
Discern corrupt indirect aims DISCRIMINATE
Grandma's remote, sadly getting very short measure NANOMETRE
Grannie, a nan possibly old inside? NONAGENARIAN
Hawk catching river fish TROUT
He makes interest, saving endless readies initially MISER
Herds turn to stampeding mass in bad weather THUNDERSTORM
Clues Answers
Lost again, disorientated, provoking homesickness NOSTALGIA
Mechanic concerned with pilot circling end of airstrip REPAIRMAN
Nabokov's first with the empty novel 'Lolita' NYMPHETTE
Part of gunpowder in gun, it recoils NITRE
Politicians dropping Socialist leader by Tory leader's account STATEMENT
Put up again in bedroom, perhaps REPAPERED
River trade missing Test INDUS
Rulers incorporating one metre units REGIMENTS
Scot free, the man with bizarre character outside HEBRIDEAN
Secure rubbish in excess ends up here? STOREROOM
Slug a mixture of drinks PUNCH
Tart and redhead embraced by tart ACRID
Thank Queen covering live opening... BLESS
They could be relatively helpful NEPOTISTS