The Telegraph - Cryptic - Mar 2 2012

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Clues Answers
Company with No.2 man introducing one drug and another COCAINE
Criticise a business community's greed RAPACITY
Decoration displayed by craft going round lake GUILLOCHE
Dilapidated ancestral house of former kings LANCASTER
Disorderly rioters go on a spree ROISTER
Famous but unable to make the final decision? NOTED
Got professional remedy, then died PROCURED
Group commander faces test with third being lost OCTET
Have accommodation outside university grounds? RESIDUE
Home on top of Downs occupied by philosopher secure from invaders? PADLOCKED
Inelastic? Not a swishing whip CATONINETAILS
It's a mess? Maybe setter's needing short holiday, quick! DOGSBREAKFAST
Keep a close eye on lizard MONITOR
Not interesting, attention-grabbing? DREARY
Clues Answers
Oldie in party running late with yen to leave DOTARD
Put off hell when given religious leaflet DISTRACT
Report of a sailor's violence ASSAULT
Rhodes is one I defame without hesitation ISLAND
Second child loves Latin -- here presumably SCHOOL
Some dear changeless being from the upper realms ARCHANGEL
Son protected by fairly good family background DESCENT
Stars seen after second drink -- and letters all mingled? MONOGRAM
Suave person offering a drink SMOOTHIE
Take back worker to sports ground RECANT
Tribute to a holy person TOAST
Unsmiling look shown in that grief DOLOUR
What makes us think of a naughty jumper? REDLIGHT
Yesteryear's socialite ugly, not half? Put right with treatment DEBUG