The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 27,053 - Dec 19 2012

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Clues Answers
... to confront elite, gets personal application FACECREAM
A relative newcomer walks forward? STEPSON
American in Jamaica jailing assassin NINJA
Background for part of play on track SCENERY
Boring tools for American lawyer in messy fights BRADAWLS
Cause devastation, writing a volume in anger RAVAGE
Celibate pinching kiss getting worked-up and emotional EXCITABLE
Convert rags into carpeting ROASTING
Disadvantage of retreat? DRAWBACK
Fake reporting of school tests by heads of English and religion ERSATZ
Fifty for cooked lunch after journey's end HALFCENTURY
Gets rid of clothes for theatre SCRUBS
Groundbreaking work of menials? SEMINAL
Harshly criticised missing student, having had enough SATED
Jessica, on computer game at Olympics ... TABLETENNIS
Clues Answers
Key expert, except on odds SPACEBAR
Lots of euros lost supporting miners NUMEROUS
One's often slipped making a record DISC
Picture file misplaced by alcohol producer STILLLIFE
Question and answer in front of school lines QUATRAIN
Regular revenue (with no regret) EVEN
Resists responsibilities? BUCKS
Sailor chap wearing waterproof TARPAULIN
Short quarter-sections enclosed TERSE
So long a day -- that is the 2nd of July ADIEU
Song about America and wild partying CAROUSAL
Start to think of charges for sweets TOFFEES
Stops going by car when holidays are mentioned BRAKES
The Prime Minister to have meals in hotels? HEATH
Where strikers are seen to fight after game? MATCHBOX