The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 27,026 - Nov 17 2012

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Clues Answers
Anger of jittery general when cut off at rear ENRAGE
Bear east, fleeing from Brunei in confusion BRUIN
Bouquet is old, that's grim ODOUR
Building not likely to move STABLE
Capital of Puerto Rico's leaders with a visitor losing the way PRAGUE
Commotion as noisily make tea with a laugh BROUHAHA
Dash! Old train service goes by ten BRIO
Expressions of disbelief and surprise, going by island in boat NOAHSARK
Feel acute embarrassment for the man supporting court order WRITHE
Hanger-on, one getting behind shelter CAMPFOLLOWER
High flier's suite? NUTCRACKER
I may be seen in 51 green assorted undies LINGERIE
More than one bird in negligee, seductively GEESE
More than one course that is African sweetcorn MEALIE
Clues Answers
One after another SUCCESSOR
Other ranks generally disheartened by revelry ORGY
Produce family unit price GENERATE
Proof of independent study clubs being held by the First Lady EVIDENCE
Rush to get computers, etc, and scarper? RUNFORIT
Ship's officer's instant true-life representation FIRSTLIEUTENANT
Six-footer in religious group INSECT
Strung-out Louis must drop round for shot in the arm STIMULUS
Student starting late as breadwinner EARNER
Tenth speaker in musical story ORATORIO
Top rep's book? BESTSELLER
Training regularly? COMMUTING
Vocalist drunk on recent tour COUNTERTENOR
Where a gangster traps US politician REAGAN