The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 27,009 - Oct 29 2012

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Clues Answers
A current issue on the coast DELTA
A religious point to follow in secular pursuit? STEEPLECHASE
A ship taking trouble to attack ASSAIL
As an occupant, I'd resent being put out RESIDENT
Build new Northern capital DUBLIN
Club about to give female support BRASSIERE
Deprived -- due to faulty beer measure! BEREFT
Eventually punctual INTIME
Handle deed without charge TREAT
He looks after dog on a hill CURATOR
Held back, being shy RESERVED
Hikers carry these sleeping bags, we hear? KNAPSACKS
I'd upset a client, just the same IDENTICAL
Indian who may keep watch for you PAWNEE
Clues Answers
It is difficult being sensitive TICKLISH
One drink that refreshes, but another will be a different matter CUPOFTEA
Open prison was adequate CANDID
Oriental bamboo fencing KENDO
Pass, momentarily fail, and break down totally COLLAPSE
Put a foot wrong and he may bail you out WICKETKEEPER
Sad mean-spirited mate left -- fired INSPIRED
Ship carries right pennant STREAMER
Sorry expression for one banishing the blues WOEBEGONE
Spaniard, or anyone with a gift DONOR
Stop and take into custody ARREST
Suffering dreary routine, I will take a turn for the worse INARUT
Swirling mist hides way forward IMMODEST
Teacher confused by a metric unit HECTARE