The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 2,600 - Aug 7 2011

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Clues Answers
As it is, chop bananas and nuts PISTACHIOS
Bad influence? Too right! ILLSAY
Characters collectively gaining height on mountain with support ALPHABET
Chemist, short of cash, began using computer BOOTSTRAPPED
Debates ain't so stupid if appropriately organised DISPUTATIONS
Don�t disregard awful UFO attack once TAKEACCOUNTOF
English chap monarch brought back to bestow another title on RENAME
Envisaged developments in a score being composed SCENARIO
Essay, a piece of fiction that�s number one in the field GOALIE
Final letter heard on radio is one from Africa ZULU
Frenchman or Englishwoman, so-called? JEAN
Goals I have presented in articles OBJECTIVES
In the course of card game, putting in pound WHILST
Clues Answers
In the role of queen, when centrally placed, revealing heavenly body QUASAR
Inspect fine ring in girlfriend�s possession LOOKOVER
Least straight -- is deceptive, in short CURLIEST
Legal term starts off hearing, in legal action regarding youth HILARY
Mark�s replacement in amateur operatics EURO
People joining university that provides information about courses MENU
Piano piece�s sound quality is what everything depends on KEYSTONE
Rabbit sounding like domesticated animal YACK
Showing effects of swelling, unusually loud in organ NODULOSE
Ten fish shot under the surface XRAY
Totally how the first answer goes, or all them, initially FROMATOZ
Weaknesses in carpenters� tools VICES
Wed heartless lady to a man UNITEDLY