New York Times - Oct 7 1999

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Clues Answers
''Tis a pity' ALAS
'Begin the Beguine' bandleader SHAW
'Cruel' goddesses FATES
'Dreaming of You' singer SELENA
'Hey. You. Yeah, you!' PSST
'Never mind!' SKIPIT
'This isn't looking good...' UHOH
'Turn on, tune in, drop out' advocate LEARY
'You win' ILOSE
Ambassadors Club carrier TWA
Aviator Earhart AMELIA
Blame RAP
Blessing preceder ACHOO
Blokes MATES
Broadcast signal type UHF
Caspian feeder URAL
Certain bond, informally MUNI
Cha-cha cousin MAMBO
Chinese nurse AMAH
Chutzpah HUBRIS
City near the Red Fork oil fields TULSA
Climb RISE
Coll. offering ROTC
Come to pass ENSUE
Comforts for car passengers ARMRESTS
Crooks, e.g. STAFFS
Desiccated ARID
Doctrine ISM
Donald and Ivana, e.g. EXES
Easy win ROMP
End of the query TOMAKEPANTSLAST
End of the response FIRST
Exit huffily, with 'out' STOMP
Formerly NEE
From K.C. to Little Rock SSE
Hardy cabbage KALE
He and she THEY
House of the Seven Gables site SALEM
Clues Answers
It gets a big head PUFFBALL
Lady Nancy ASTOR
Legal matter TORT
Like van Gogh's night STARRY
Loud hits BAMS
More or less ABOUT
Neptunians and others ETS
Off yonder AFAR
Part of Madame's address RUE
Pillow covers SHAMS
Plain ___ JANE
Preoccupy OBSESS
Quizmaster Trebek ALEX
Schubert's 'Mass in ___ major' AFLAT
Senator from Virginia ROBB
She 'charmed the husk right off of the corn' MAME
Sideless cart DRAY
Small boat SKIFF
Smelt residue SLAG
Soften MELT
Song bit LALA
Spa, say BATHS
Star bear URSA
Start of a query to a practical tailor WHATS
Strengthen BEEFUP
Sucrose source BEET
Teetotaler's order SODA
Terza rima rhyme scheme ABA
The tailor's response, part 1 MAKETHEJACKET
They can be sweet PEAS
They may have it AYES
To's partner FRO
Went like the dickens SPED
Wide open AGAPE
Wither away FADE