The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 765 - May 3 2012

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Clues Answers
Accountant's regular but not acceptable as temporary employee CASUAL
American soldier's meeting that French girl in spirit of dance GISELLE
Chooses wiring without leads to run in conduits ELECTS
Disappointed with bad service and stuffing LETDOWN
During New Year festival, rent former partner's TV news service TELETEXT
Hero-worship for returning number one is found among the French LIONISE
Honourable milksops aren�t crooked SPORTSMANLIKE
Intricacy of astrolabe seen in disorder ELABORATENESS
Let off sailor to work out ABSOLVE
Loudest ninety broadcast in a partisan manner TENDENTIOUSLY
Men cycle in terribly harsh weather INCLEMENCY
Narrow urinals smashed INSULAR
Newspaper feature by journalist with poles of support COLUMNED
Old king's a dry one, facing the Italian ATTILA
Clues Answers
One end of pedal missing from heavenly instrument CELESTA
Overlooks hurt leg and cold in nets NEGLECTS
Peripheral brown flower on lake not new TANGENTIAL
Run slowly using horse track, disregarding British habit IDLE
Stout holy man with a large imperfection STALWART
Sundry allies consume fluid MISCELLANEOUS
Take inspiration at Greater Manchester village INHALE
They weigh fencing equipment used by American gardens STEELYARDS
This could enlarge short boys? LENS
Thrifty Italian author with no unfinished book left ECONOMICAL
Too much left in breadbasket GLUT
Vegetable sounding like a pea? LEEK
Wild eagle consuming a bit of kitten making unintended escape LEAKAGE
Will's sections being liberal in motives CLAUSES