New York Times - Sep 28 2007

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Clues Answers
'30 Rock' creator TINAFEY
'___ dispraise my lord ...': Juliet ORTO
1968 folk album ARLO
20th-dynasty ruler RAMSES
Adolescent outburst ACNE
Astrologer with the autobiography 'Answer in the Sky' OMARR
Balloon attachment GONDOLA
Basis for a suit TORT
Bit of moonshine BEAM
Business class, briefly ECON
City on the Natchez Trace TUPELO
Class in which various schools are discussed ARTAPPRECIATION
Curly-haired 'Peanuts' character FRIEDA
D.C. United org. MLS
Dakota tongue TETON
Daydreaming, e.g. ESCAPEMECHANISM
Didn't paw FONDLED
Distillation location LAB
Doesn't sit well LEAVESABADTASTE
Drive along leisurely TOOTLE
Emphatic turndown IMEANNO
Encouraging remark ATTAGIRL
Expert in ancient law LEGIST
Firmly establish ENROOT
Floors AWES
Frauen, across the border: Abbr. MMES
French study, e.g. SALLE
Front wheel divergence TOEOUT
Go downhill ATROPHY
Gouge, say MAR
Grant CEDE
Hacker's cry of success IMIN
Hearing aids, for short PAS
Help set up chairs for? ENDOW
Clues Answers
Initials of a noted 'Wizard' TAE
Iraq's ___ Ali Shrine IMAM
It may be wrapped in a bun TRESS
It may contain tear gas GRENADE
Kind of producer: Abbr. ASST
Large accounts? EPICS
Least spotted RAREST
Lengthens, old-style EKES
Like some shifts LATE
Lois Lane player Durance and others ERICAS
Louis Armstrong's 'Oh ___ He Ramble' DIDNT
Member of la famille immédiate FRERE
No follower SIRREE
Not backing, in the backwoods AGIN
Now in HOT
Object in a Monet painting IRIS
Occasional clashers EGOS
One way to solve problems BYTRIALANDERROR
Pacer maker: Abbr. AMC
Place LIEU
Place for jets SPA
Predatory critter VARMINT
R.S.V.P. component SIL
Rather informal? KINDA
Records of interest to real estate agents ASSESSMENTROLLS
Red sky, perhaps OMEN
Relating to heraldry ARMORIAL
Retiree's coverage? SHEET
Something needed for your sake? RICE
Suffix with cream ERY
Take many courses FEAST
They're against each other FOES
What a future American might take: Abbr. ESL
___ grecque ALA
___ to be USED