The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 26,318 - Aug 13 2010

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Clues Answers
A French maritime boy, little fellow not yet mature UNSEASONED
Animal found on street is badger MOLEST
Audacious female unable to listen? FEARLESS
Aussie tramp in state of depression lying under newspaper SUNDOWNER
Bird given new tail? False rumour CANARD
Changed newspaper gets launched round about SHIFTED
Drug can make you stop breathing -- not hard! COKE
Dull American wind FLATUS
Fish out of water? Nothing to be kept DORY
Further examination makes half-hearted fool depressed at university FOLLOWUP
Inferior one falling short in set exercise LESSON
Irritated king with bare exterior NARKED
Male is one put into jail for failure of duty MISPRISION
Maybe watch what's written in a leading American magazine TIMEPIECE
Clues Answers
Men heading off to sing, to bring delight ENCHANT
Northern river -- little Sally's caught that fish SANDEEL
Plan to cross river is silly DRAFT
Rue lies about vacation? LEISURE
Some insulting letters going into fire INGLE
Stephen, unwell inside, is ruffled FRILLY
Stories about the man having died somewhere in Yorkshire? THEDALES
Strange documents sir interpreted wrongly Misconstrued
The chap's to behold heart, being an anatomical specialist HISTOLOGIST
The northern chaps looking thin and weak in country clothes TWEEDS
Unfairly criticise what you suppose one of the car assemblers might do? PUTTHEBOOTIN
Very slow gee-gee, one stuck in liquid mud SLUGGISH
Violently remove one Prince in defeat RIPOUT