USA Today - Sep 13 2007

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Clues Answers
''Able was I ___ . . .'' ERE
''Applesauce!'' ROT
''Back Street'' writer Fannie HURST
''Cheers'' waitress CARLA
''No ___ traffic'' THRU
''What are you ___?'' UPTO
A king or a jet LEAR
Ascended ROSE
At a distance AFAR
Bonding moment (Part 2) SHOESONTHEWRONG
Bonding moment (Part 3) FEETBUTDADTHATS
Buddhist on the Mekong LAO
Card game authority HOYLE
Carnivorous aquatic mammal OTTER
Charity DOLE
Collection SHEAF
Course activity GOLF
Criticize PAN
Dahl or Francis ARLENE
Doc of the bay? VET
Double curve ESS
Droops SAGS
Ecclesiastical month ELUL
End of the bonding moment THEONLYFEETIGOT
Ever and ___ ANON
Except when UNLESS
Finales ENDS
Florida city OCALA
Flush EVEN
Former New York boss TWEED
Genre TYPE
Greek hero ODYSSEUS
Hard-copy error TYPO
Hogan's or Klink's rank, briefly COL
Ice mass FLOE
Information highway NET
It may be upper or lower CASE
Key with Ctrl and Delete in a computer operation ALT
Clues Answers
Kind of weight TROY
League name IVY
Like mice and geese PLURAL
Long-necked bird CRANE
Movie popcorn unit TUB
Muscular BEEFY
Nestling hawk EYAS
Old chair bottom material CANE
Org. for some feds FBI
Palatal lobe UVULA
Partner of hers HIS
Pontificate ORATE
Popular contraction ITLL
Positive post ANODE
Recent prefix NEO
Reverence AWE
Rooster, at the store CAPON
Sagacious WISE
Seed-bearing pine PINON
Set of nine voices NONET
Setting for ducks POND
Sharon of ''Cagney & Lacey'' GLESS
Shivering fit AGUE
Solar god HORUS
Some are supporting ROLES
Some QB protectors RTS
Start of a bonding moment SONYOUVEPUTYOUR
Steakhouse order RARE
The Fourth Estate PRESS
This needs to be scratched ITCH
Twelfth president TAYLOR
U.N. Day month OCT
Vance or Blaine VIVIAN
Waggoner, of ''Wonder Woman'' LYLE
Whalebone, once STAY
Words with ''precedent'' or ''good example'' SETA
You like yours fresh AIR
___ costs (by any means) ATALL