The Telegraph - GK CROSSWORD NO: 1,004 - Feb 19 2012

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Clues Answers
'Air on the -- --', arrangement of part of JS Bach's 'Suite No.3 in D' GSTRING
-- Garnett, part played by Warren Mitchell in 'In Sickness And In Health' ALF
Altdorf is the capital of this Swiss canton URI
Austrian physicist who devised a system of speed measurement MACH
Ben --, American leading actor and screenwriter who began acting on TV aged eight AFFLECK
Bringing forth young of closely related animals INBREEDING
Cereal grass whose flour is used in making pasta DURUMWHEAT
Enlarged cells in which usually eight spores are found ASCI
Entrance to a mine ADIT
Fast form of a board game LIGHTNINGCHESS
Indigenous Australian language ABORIGINAL
Most vital part of something GIST
Music works in which solo parts are played by small groups of instruments CONCERTIGROSSI
Not altered from its natural state RAW
Clues Answers
Of wines, dry or unsweetened BRUT
Old English coin worth about ten shillings RYAL
Old legal term including all forms of tax SCOTANDLOT
Opening theatrical performance FIRSTNIGHT
Policeman supervising road vehicles TRAFFICCOP
Prefix denoting blood HAEM
Prepared phrase used when trying to initiate a romantic relationship CHATUPLINE
Roy --, comedian and actor 1934-88 KINNEAR
South African flower with large brightly-coloured petals TRANSVAALDAISY
The Most Honourable -- -- -- --, a knighthood ORDEROFTHEBATH
Unit of capacity for measuring herrings CRAN
Variant word for a pheasant's nest or brood NYE
Very tiny organism, especially a bacterium MICROBE
White spring flower EASTERLILY