- Sep 7 2007

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Clues Answers
''. . . sting like __'' ABEE
''Cosby Show'' actress BONET
''Goldfinger'' device TIMEBOMB
''Life __ a dream'' ISBUT
Actress Andersson BIBI
Atlas, for one ICBM
Author Stoker BRAM
Bard's black EBON
Bibliography abbr. IBID
Cancel, to NASA ABORT
Carping remark BARB
Catch rays BASK
Checks for drinks BARTABS
Common rhyme scheme ABAB
Competent ABLE
Construction piece IBAR
Cresting wave BREAKER
Defeat decisively BURY
Eccentric BATTY
Explorers' org. BSA
Family members SIBS
Federal legislation-analysis agcy. CBO
Fedora features BRIMS
Femur, for one BONE
First name in ragtime EUBIE
Free pass to the next round BYE
French seaport BREST
Good, to Garibaldi BUON
Hindu gentleman BABOO
Illegal payoff BRIBE
Industry magnate BARON
Intimidate BULLY
Israel's first UN delegate EBAN
Kind of lettuce BIBB
Letters on barbells LBS
Main part BODY
Clues Answers
Male bear BOAR
Manager BOSS
Monastic title ABBOT
Native of Israel SABRA
New Testament prophet BARNABAS
Nobel physicist of '44 RABI
Nursery purchase CRIB
Osso __ BUCO
PayPal parent EBAY
Peek follower ABOO
Portends BODES
Presidential nickname ABE
Program BILL
Puzzle introduced in 1980 RUBIKSCUBE
Recedes EBBS
Roll BUN
Rum cake BABA
Slightly ABIT
Software versions BETAS
Some reeds OBOES
Some wetlands BOGS
Spongy cake BABKA
Take __ at (attempt) ASTAB
Talmudic scholar RABBI
Thick slice SLAB
Thorn in the side BANE
Thumbs-up critic EBERT
Tirana's loc. ALB
Truckers, at times CBERS
U Thant's birthplace BURMA
UK sitcom, to fans ABFAB
Vow taker BRIDE
Wagering spot OTB
Wall Street type ARB
Weep SOB
Yank's foe REB
Yanks' WWII allies BRITS