The Telegraph - GK CROSSWORD NO: 985 - Oct 2 2011

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Clues Answers
-- Beckett, 1906-1989, Irish author and Nobel Prize winner SAMUEL
Alkaloid found in tea THEINE
Blood-fine paid by a murderer in old Irish law ERIC
Dried crusty surface of a healing wound SCAB
Early-ripening variety of pear JARGONELLE
Evergreen conifer of New Zealand MACROCARPA
Expression from French meaning thanks to God GRACEADIEU
Expression from Latin meaning within the living organism INVIVO
Family which includes goats and ibexes CAPRINAE
Feline mammal with tufted ears, the wildcat LYNX
Gathering for a sports competition MEET
Group of Bantu languages in southern Africa Nyanja
Israelite tribe descended from Jacob and Leah's eldest son REUBEN
Jocular name for Satan OLDHARRY
Clues Answers
Light deep-fried shrimp-like crustacean-flavoured crisp PRAWNCRACKER
Medical instrument used for interior examinations SPECULUM
Medium of exchange that is presently used CURRENCY
New Zealand tree whose wood is used in furniture-making REWAREWA
North American motor vehicle with bench seats facing sideways CARRYALL
Pitcher with a wide spout EWER
Receptacle large enough to immerse the whole body in water PLUNGEBATH
Redevelopment of slums URBANRENEWAL
River flowing into North Sea near Hamburg ELBE
Road in London between High Holborn and Fleet Street CHANCERYLANE
Species of handsome pinnately-leaved palms Jupati
State capital of Arkansas LITTLEROCK
Street musician who traditionally was accompanied by a monkey ORGANGRINDER
Toy with separately purchasable clothes and accessories BARBIEDOLL