The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 25,983 - Jul 17 2009

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Clues Answers
Aim at Oxford? To finish eventually ENDUP
Announce what's been printed from computer? READOUT
Author abroad (penned English) THOREAU
Bit of cloth left to be patched to a new garment RAGLAN
Canon with a shape like Friar Tuck? ROUND
Caring terribly about hospital's discomfiture CHAGRIN
Church officer functioning after cross is put in place SEXTON
Cold drink please, but only half that squash! CRUMPLE
Duck -- this on the donkey in game? PINTAIL
Dull service -- start to snore in it DUSTY
Fighter scurried -- trouble, right? TOREADOR
Grass edging church official cut short VERGE
He started badly, becoming exhausted SHATTERED
Hurled from front of seat on to airbag? SLUNG
Like an old church lane with yews here and there WESLEYAN
Clues Answers
No amateur, frightfully crude TV executive? PRODUCER
Old numbers I have put down as 'great' EXTENSIVE
Op is third-rate -- a terrible practitioner at the hospital RADIOTHERAPIST
Ordinary components of pudding? BREADANDBUTTER
Outwardly bad-tempered, I am performing as witness TESTIMONY
Pompous orator's beginning to get pot-bellied? OROTUND
Quiet country has endless fish PIRANHA
Saint at home, very good place for getting orders from above SINAI
Stiffness of manner with which celebrity is given national award STARCH
Thinking of 'eaven, mum keeping pious and plain OLYMPIA
Vulnerable warrior getting a cold starts to expect sympathy ACHILLES
Want you coming back as a servant LACKEY
Weird Len, native of land to the east LEVANTINE
What may be trumpeted as the ultimate appointment LASTPOST
Where potential listeners may get cornered HYDEPARK