New York Times - Sep 12 1999

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Clues Answers
'...___ dust shalt thou return' UNTO
'...___ dust shalt thou return' UNTO
'Death in Venice' author MANN
'Der Blaue Reiter' artist ARP
'In' place DOOR
'In' place DOOR
'Kapow!' WHAM
'Once in Love With Amy' songwriter LOESSER
'Step on it!' HURRY
'Steps in Time' autobiographer ASTAIRE
'The Private Eyes' co-star CONWAY
'Women and Love' author HITE
'___ of Winter' (1992 Eric Rohmer film) ATALE
1938 hit 'I ___ Anyone Till You' HADNT
1954 Edgar Award winner IRALEVIN
1960 chess champion TAL
1995 British Open winner John DALY
47-Across catcher BIB
70's-80's sitcom title role MINDY
Acted like a baby COOED
Adrien of skin care products ARPEL
Alexander ingredient GIN
Anjou alternative BOSC
Arab name part IBN
Audiophile's purchase HIFI
Backers ANGELS
Bambi's aunt ENA
Base caller BUGLE
Be extremely expectant DROOL
Big prefix in banking CITI
Bird on a night flight? REDEYEDVIREO
Bird on the links? CHIPPINGSPARROW
Bird with a devoted following? FANTAILEDPIGEON
Bird with a severe drinking problem? DOUBLEBARFINCH
Bit of a bray HEE
Bit of hope RAY
Bonn boulevard STRASSE
Branch of sci. ZOOL
Breeze (through) SAIL
Carson National Forest locale TAOS
Cause of weird weather LANINA
Celebratory bird? WHOOPINGCRANE
Certain Muslim SHIITE
Charlottesville sch. UVA
Cherokee Natl. Forest locale TENN
Climb GOUP
Clock or cat preceder ONEO
Cologne cubes? EIS
Cowardly bird? YELLOWWARBLER
Creature mentioned by Marco Polo ROC
Cruz ___, Brazil ALTA
Dance partner LADY
Drams NIPS
Drilling expert: Abbr. DDS
Embarrassed bird? SCARLETIBIS
Endures abuse TAKESIT
Exchanged items, maybe IONS
Fabric finish? ATOR
Fastened, in a way HASPED
Father of biblical twins ISAAC
Father of Phinehas ELI
Felicitously APTLY
First Lady before Eleanor LOU
Flu source ASIA
French orphan of film LILI
Golfer Geiberger and others ALS
Harmonizes, briefly SYNCHS
Healthy-looking bird? PINKCOCKATOO
His horse had eight legs ODIN
Honeymoon haven NIAGARA
Horse bit OAT
Howls BAYS
Clues Answers
In the neighborhood NEARBY
It has a lustrous face SATEEN
It has long arms APE
It took effect on Jan. 1, 1994 NAFTA
It's in 19-Across LAOS
Jet Propulsion Laboratory site CALTECH
Karmann ___ (car) GHIA
Kind of flute ALTO
Kind of testimony ORAL
Kumar of 'The Jewel in the Crown' HARI
Land in un lac ILE
Lay out EXPEND
Letters that please 42-Down SRO
Library lack NOISE
Like some ears and elbows BENT
Like some warehouses ABANDONED
Like wheat and barley AWNED
Look up to ESTEEM
Make out ESPY
Masterful ABLE
Moon of Uranus OBERON
Moon of Uranus ARIEL
Mt. Apo's locale, in the Philippines DAVAO
Nasty fall? HAIL
Navigation abbr. NNE
Not taboo ACCEPTED
Not yet familiar with NEWTO
Often-missed humor IRONY
Paradigm of easiness ABC
Part of a vamp's costume BOA
Part of many a disguise SHADES
Perot prop CHART
Perry's progenitor ERLE
Piecrust ingredient LARD
Plane producer Clyde CESSNA
Pliable leather ELK
Poet Sor Juana ___ de la Cruz INES
Producer: Abbr. MFR
Producer: Abbr. MFR
Quarterback Humphries STAN
Rain drain locale CURB
Ravel wrote a piano concerto for it LEFTHAND
Show wild instability YOYO
Six-time Super Bowl coach SHULA
Slithering strikers ASPS
Slithering strikers ASPS
Some boat motors OUTBOARDS
Sports Illustrated's 1974 Sportsman of the Year ALI
Stand for MEAN
Stand for MEAN
Step on it! SCALE
Studies DENS
Sufficient, once ENOW
Swear by RELYON
They may be left hanging FILES
They use horseshoe crabs as bait EELERS
Tony winner Neuwirth BEBE
Town on the Vire STLO
Tuition check taker BURSAR
Unnatural blonde, e.g. DYER
W.W. II general ___ Arnold HAP
Wax unit? BALL
Wedding planner FIANCEE
What's place, in a comedy routine ONSECOND
Word in alumni notes NEE
Yodeler's place ALP
You might say it when you get it AHA
Zapping NUKING
___ legomenon (word that appears only once in a manuscript) HAPAX
___ polloi HOI
___ Smith GRANNY