The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 148 - May 19 2009

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Clues Answers
A fellow provoked issue about new secretary AMANUENSIS
Article about to be dismissed by mid-afternoon THE
Bad form � grid set awkwardly � that�ll give you a battle STAMFORDBRIDGE
Bohemian writers begin to eat near rocks BEATGENERATION
Called from here � then spoke like crazy about nothing TELEPHONEKIOSK
Chart-topper�s a bit unpleasant NOISOME
Copper boarding one new vehicle with spirit INCUBUS
Copy's located around southern part of church APSE
Cultured individual, though powerless ARTY
Daughter, during function, rejected dance � very curious ODDBALL
Dessert's cooler � lecturer's to tuck in? FLAN
Elements of cuisine I note in shanties SEASONINGS
Fish not caught in location of castle ORFE
Flawed lute confused composer WALDTEUFEL
Clues Answers
Good writing � there's an attraction about it, time and time again LITERATURE
Holy man penning one Queen�s signature MONIKER
Holy man shows what forces unite against us SAINTAUGUSTINE
Large-scale photo sent over the net? EPIC
Loud noise not initially a contributor to a row OAR
Man having no time in prison SIR
Materials for unions philosopher's gathered in Texas TROUSSEAUX
Religious writer and physician taking top off instrument UKE
Scottish town working to secure educational achievement OBAN
Something in food's off, by God! ODSO
Spoil match's beginning and end MAIM
Standard behaviour for me, participating in agreement? UNIFORMITY
Type of tiger distressing to the boars SABRETOOTH
Who could be travelling on show mare? HORSEWOMAN