The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 26,095 - Nov 25 2009

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Clues Answers
24-carat American gold coin SOLIDUS
Account of soldiers in country close to defeat STATEMENT
Baseball player in jug PITCHER
Beast of burden arrived, then left CAMEL
Bird annoyed by account CROSSBILL
Book penned by drudge after revolutionary op, book having little literary quality POTBOILER
Caviare possibly causes greed AVARICE
Chaplain in flat on outskirts of Rome PADRE
Child having unusual dread of cheese CHEDDAR
Church council contributing to controversy, no doubt SYNOD
Consideration shown by some Yorkshire spectators RESPECT
Creature in middle of foaming river at York MOUSE
Disturb soldier in a gallery AGITATE
English farm animals bring about witty remark EPIGRAM
French cow by rear of estate car LIMOUSINE
Genuine male domain REALM
Clues Answers
Girl shown up as seductress NERISSA
Hot in leather, male THERMAL
I'm one being treated in hospital in a hurry IMPATIENT
Manage command post CONTROL
Mount carrying good saddle RIDGE
National theme SUBJECT
Poet certainly needs a little time inside YEATS
Put right about costume REDRESS
Runs into singer making money BRASS
Shame sappers during argument DISREPUTE
Spanish girl to perform a variety of roles DOLORES
There's grease around any ship's rope LANYARD
Transmission of data from me in letter confused Yard? TELEMETRY
Turmoil caused by wizard holding Latin mass MAELSTROM
What Macmillan eventually had, nasty ordeal ending in defeatism EARLDOM
Woman's legal action, we hear, is hairy HIRSUTE