The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 25,691 - Aug 9 2008

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Clues Answers
Again make an impression in the pool RETYPE
Certainly not many bones shattered BYNOMEANS
Character deviating from normal conduct ECCENTRIC
Cup-bearer? SAUCER
Do something with letters, say USE
Draw endless layer TIE
Egg found inside platinum vessel POT
Experimental shelter took in about four TENTATIVE
Express grief when man shortly captures old bird BEMOAN
Grief Heather suffered sheltering Bill HEARTACHE
Heavenly body that's more fleshy-sounding METEOR
How about guessing SUPPOSING
How bowling side might be enjoying period of exciting activity Havingafieldday
Ignorant expression of surprise IDONTKNOW
It was hell before public transport EREBUS
Clues Answers
One may be rewarded for an hour in church perhaps Lengthofservice
One who praises loudly the last one mentioned with hesitation FLATTERER
Painter or professional performer for the most part ARTIST
Penny took gold from Pyrenean tourist centre PAU
Refuse to allow free speech HECKLE
Reptile let loose after furrow was turned over TURTLE
Rescued from deep river REPRIEVED
Revolutionary Louise first becoming sinister LOUCHE
Safe place railway worker found for member of volunteer force HOMEGUARD
Smart circle had strong drink STINGO
Start game removing trick STRATAGEM
Susan travelled round a capital NASSAU
Time of danger on loch - vigilance required ALERTNESS
Troubled of course? INTHESOUP
You cannot do this if it has not been warm previously REHEAT