- Jul 28 2007

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Clues Answers
'Paradise Lost' figure SATAN
'___ With a View' AROOM
1958 film musical GIGI
Abhor HATE
Absorbed RAPT
Actress Patricia NEAL
Agronomist's concern SOIL
Amo, amas, ___ AMAT
Andean ruminant LLAMA
Arizona city YUMA
Artistic work OPUS
Ascended AROSE
Await action PEND
Awakening AROUSAL
Back of the neck NAPE
Bay of Naples isle CAPRI
Because of DUETO
Behavioral quirk TIC
Bouquet AROMA
Capital of Togo LOME
Carefree BLITHE
Ceremonial staff MACE
Collar fastener STUD
Compass direction WEST
Consider DEEM
Counterfeits SHAMS
Cozy corner NOOK
Cry of concurrence LETS
Cyclops blinded by Odysseus POLYPHEMUS
De ___ (superfluous) TROP
Dreary DRAB
Dregs LEES
Emerald and ruby, e.g. HUES
Equestrian sport POLO
Fast-food option TOGO
Clues Answers
Firefighter Red ADAIR
Fixed a manuscript EDITED
Flatfish SOLE
From the beginning, musically DACAPO
Global extreme POLE
Hansel's sister GRETEL
Heraldic design COATOFARMS
Himalayan country NEPAL
Hogwash SLOP
Judge Bean ROY
Lasso ROPE
Legendary horn blower ROLAND
Massachusetts peninsula CAPECOD
Masterstroke COUP
Metric land measure ARE
Most recent LATEST
Mythical sorceress CIRCE
Nimble-fingered DEFT
Picture puzzles REBUSES
Portions of food HELPINGS
Primitive fellow APEMAN
Punctuation mark COMMA
Race circuit LAP
Radiance GLOW
Read a bar code SCAN
Regrets RUES
Sacred river of 'Kubla Khan' ALPH
Saunters STROLLS
Serve drinks POUR
Sightseers TOURISTS
Signs of divinity HALOS
Singer Gloria ESTEFAN
Some Indonesians BALINESE
Taxi passenger FARE
Unit of force DYNE