New York Times - Jul 28 2007

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Clues Answers
'Again?!' NOWWHAT
'Go jump in the lake!' SITONIT
'It's true!' NOTALIE
'___ and Franklin,' 1976 biopic ELEANOR
1947 semi-documentary-style crime drama TMEN
Bath and others SPAS
Begin, as an enterprise ENTERON
Bigger and stronger HUSKIER
Bristol Cream ingredient OLOROSO
Carnegie Mellon athletes TARTANS
Carrying on WAGING
Celebrity chef LAGASSE
Claimed as one's own HADDIBS
Class struggles? LESSONS
Comes through successfully MAKESIT
Common site of archaeological remains BOG
Communist federation: Abbr. SSRS
Control tower equipment HEADSET
Cooling-off period DETENTE
Dance in a pit MOSH
Draft pick PALEALE
Drum accompanying a pipe TABOR
Expose and destroy ROOTOUT
Eye sore STYE
First name in electrical engineering NIKOLA
Former home of the N.F.L.'s Rams ANAHEIM
Guide feature? SILENTU
Guinness Book weather record category HOTTEST
Half a nursery-rhyme spider's description: Var. EENSIE
Immobile in winter ICEDIN
Clues Answers
Island said to be the home of Homer's tomb IOS
King of Belgium ALBERT
Lined with trees ARBORED
Links with TIESTO
Longtime 'What's My Line?' panelist ARLENE
Looking ragged TATTERY
Made happy CHEERED
Makes flush REDDENS
Melville's Ishmael, e.g. NONHERO
Mike Brady of 'The Brady Bunch,' e.g. STEPDAD
Not wait for an invitation BARGEIN
Once, long ago ERST
Pantries LARDERS
Paper binder STAPLER
Pro performer ARTISTE
Red stain in a lab EOSIN
Rock guitarist born David Evans THEEDGE
Running wild ONATEAR
Sanctions ASSENTS
Sandlot game ONEOCAT
Scoundrel STINKER
The ___ Marbles ELGIN
They mean nothing NILS
With no time to lose INARUSH
Woodwind instrument: Abbr. CLAR
Young members of a convocation EAGLETS