The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 25,453 - Nov 5 2007

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Clues Answers
Abuse welcomed by quick drug supplier PHARMACY
Author sees birds outside French city with daughter CHARLESDICKENS
Big mouth's way of speaking our language? ESTUARYENGLISH
Curiosity about current volume NOISINESS
Dance with beat and energy, strong flavour and love TANGO
Dishonest hiding of some deliveries in container COVERUP
Get to higher level with upper-class commendation UPRAISE
Get tough fabric with little money to be economical SCRIMP
Getting washed, one is more ostentatious SHOWIER
Girl obsessed with stars that is following constellation GROUPIE
Irishman produces a cunning act, under pressure PATRICK
Level of university class UNIFORM
Like groups going on holiday, making the best of a bad business? ASSETSTRIPPING
Lower or upper garment JERSEY
Clues Answers
Major fixture for the Lions, say BIGGAME
Musical type depressed by cannabis BLUEGRASS
No place for closed minds? OPENUNIVERSITY
Older person in lead, ultimately ADULT
Opportunities provided by various visual aids SCOPES
Prospect of getting travel document over time VISTA
Pull away from difficulty DRAWBACK
Religious work of two Greek characters PIETA
Resent being corrupted after accepting small bribe SWEETENER
Spot what changed in ways of drawing horses TOWPATHS
Step embraced by wise since 1957 SPACEAGE
Times sips, perhaps, as one who sees glass half empty PESSIMIST
To show up, get out of bed? DEBUNK
Two requirements for tennis or another sport NETBALL