New York Times - Aug 20 1999

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Clues Answers
'Been there, done that' TRIEDIT
'The English Patient' setting SAHARA
Absent-Minded Professor ___ Brainard NED
Advance the cause of ABET
Antarctic waters ROSSSEA
Area of 1940's mil. activity ETO
Attendant on Cleopatra, in Shakespeare IRAS
Awaits a chewing out ISINFORIT
Blackmore title name DOONE
Brother of Fidel RAUL
Burma's first P.M. UNU
Call for a mate AHOY
Channel county KENT
Circumspect CHARY
Covering with a hole in it OZONELAYER
Dangerous biter COPPERHEAD
De Gaulle's birthplace LILLE
Demonstrated contrition RUED
Donald Duck's nephews, e.g. TRIO
Encouraging word ATTABOY
Fancy shooters TAWS
First H.E.W. Secretary ___ Culp Hobby OVETA
Fought with Richard the Lion-Hearted CRUSADED
Gather in a thin layer of molecules ADSORB
Glib responses PATANSWERS
Grammy winner Puente TITO
Have an idea CEREBRATE
Headed toward bankruptcy WENTSOUTH
Hook shape ESS
In single file ONEATATIME
Irish county containing the Lakes of Killarney KERRY
Is in session SITS
It may get thrown for a loss DIE
It's pursued in vein ORE
Clues Answers
Kind of form IRS
Lake ___ (Blue Nile source) TANA
Land invaded by Italy, 1935 ABYSSINIA
Lays claim to HASDIBSON
Life preserver? BIO
Los hermanos de la madre TIOS
Major banking center ZURICH
Messenger's letters RNA
Mogul memorial since the 1640's TAJMAHAL
Noted 1910's-20's Broadway duo ASTAIRES
Novelist Jaffe RONA
One of the Beverly Hillbillies JED
Paid to get in ANTED
Popular restaurant REDLOBSTER
Raiding grp. FBI
Raison d'___ ETRE
Save for future use SETBY
Smart player? ADAMS
Smith and others ALS
Soil samples CLAYS
Some stonecutters JEWELERS
Someone ___ ELSES
Song ender SYNE
Song ender STER
Submachine gun STEN
Tanks and such ARMOR
They may be at the tip of your tongue TASTEBUDS
Tips at sea LISTS
Trickery ART
Unexciting DRAB
What you may do for laughs CRACKAJOKE
When telephone lines really hum MOTHERSDAY
Woman's shoe TSTRAP
___ Zion church AME