New York Times - Aug 18 1999

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Clues Answers
1989 E.P.A. target ALAR
Actress Peeples NIA
Actress Thompson of 'Back to the Future' LEA
Advantage LEGUP
Amusement park scream provoker ROLLERCOASTER.
AWOL chasers MPS
Babe's sound OINK
Beauty mark? TEN
Bothers NAGS
Calamities CRISES
Campus soldiers: Abbr. ROTC
Cavalry weapon SABER
Celebration that gets out of hand RIOT
Certain explanation FOOTNOTE
Chance for success HOPE
City at the foot of the Sierra Nevadas RENO
Completely worn out SHOT
Esteem to the extreme ADORE
Excessive excitement MANIA
Father of Phobos ARES
Figure at State U PROF
Fire safety activities DRILLS
Flynn with dashing roles ERROL
Full ___ TILT
Hardy heroine TESS
Heads up ALERT
Hombre's title SENOR
Impersonator APER
It doesn't take long to process BYTE
Jaywalking, e.g. NONO
Kan. neighbor NEB
Kaput OVER
Kind of change LOOSE
Kind of salami GENOA
Lens settings FSTOPS
Like many 80's cars BOXY
Line feeder CUER
Clues Answers
Live's partner LEARN
Looked high and low for SOUGHT
Lots of feet YARDS
Luxurious POSH
Mac maker APPLE
Magazine photo, for short STAT
Modern hybrid garment for women SKORT
New York team JETS
Offshore sight OILRIG
Old hat STALE
Part of the U.K.: Abbr. ENG
Pear variety ANJOU
People to hang with PALS
Place for a stud EAR
Pound sounds ARFS
Red Rose, once PETE
See 41-Down POLES
Service song? PSALM
Shoreline shelter COVE
Sleep restlessly TOSS
Snake paths ESSES
Sound system STEREO
Sprang LEAPT
Stay home for supper EATIN
Stick together GLUE
Suffix with fleur ETTE
Sugar suffix OSE
Swiss army knives have lots of them USES
Thanksgiving serving YAM
The Trans-Siberian Railroad crosses them URALS
Thrill-seeker's activity BUNGEEJUMPING.
Tourney type OPEN
Tribute, of sorts ODE
Troop group UNIT
Way to get off SCOTFREE
Where to get off EXIT
Wind danger SHEAR
With 25-Down, sights in some Indian villages TOTEM