The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 25,141 - Nov 4 2006

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Clues Answers
About to include one French mystic symbol RUNE
Accelerate in Parisian style with little or no delay first QUICKEN
Brewing beer, find welcome BEFRIEND
Circular piece shortly giving date of death OBIT
Discover light on COMEACROSS
Economic measure of low degree FREEZE
Extra players being dull OVERCAST
Food for Spanish king PORK
I send spray from chemist's shop DISPENSARY
If this happens I can't give an address WORDSFAILME
In the duchy potential fixer is found HYPO
Little Katharine's entry in dictionary approved OKAYED
Clues Answers
Miner's tailless dog COLLIE
Modern trains can't release excess energy LETOFFSTEAM
Monkey spends short time in another stream MARMOSET
No sense creating unity ONENESS
Part of piano tune endlessly played using part of palm IVORYNUT
Returning to Westminster Reelecting
Show of diversity? VARIETY
Sickeningly obsequious when clearing up an interminable foul mess FULSOME
Starting late learned to do it again ITERATE
Supply musicians with identifying mark ARMBAND
Teaching space? SCHOOLROOM
Team placed in front of television, it is used in case JURYBOX
Therefore Nathaniel took a piece of music SONATA