The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 24,896 - Jan 23 2006

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Clues Answers
An evening worker IRONER
Annoyed when obliged to accept a rule TRIED
Arrange to rob Leo during the dance BOLERO
Blow using fists' digits ONETWO
Can a staff cook stomach game? CANASTA
Corner location houses first class new section on cotton fabric NAINSOOK
Crazy pets made a sudden rush STAMPEDE
Declare her weight ANNOUNCE
Diamond, timber, asbestos Rockwood
Feeling unwell in the French town LILLE
In the middle of the morning I would have a piece of crust AMIDST
Lady Prescott transported some flying reptiles! Pterodactyls
Move the box to the left by thought alone TELEPORT
Nod so violently and it might fall off a girl's head SNOOD
Clues Answers
Premonition that no one retreats after worker, here in France, joins Patrick ANTICIPATION
Printer powered by a liquid engine INKJET
Prohibit company banking money BANCO
Sort of exercises that make Boris ache badly after an hour's gone AEROBICS
Special poets are honoured people LAUREATES
Swollen account was due payment BILLOWED
Take windy Rome road East to the airfield AERODROME
The present Maureen intended, we hear MOMENT
Tied to an awful counteracting agent ANTIDOTE
To become a scientist, doctor gets a name change to the street PHYSICIST
Very famous member's death LEGEND
Violent Doctor Crippen starts drinking wine DRASTIC
Weak English bishop danced like a duck! WEBFOOTED
Weather research centre that's out of this world SKYLAB