- Jul 6 2007

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Clues Answers
'Calling' company AVON
'Dumb' comics girl DORA
'Star Wars' heroine LEIA
'Taxi' actor Kaufman ANDY
'Valley of the Dolls' author SUSANN
'Where did ___ wrong?' IGO
'You ___ here' ARE
'You ___ Lucky Star' AREMY
'___ Named Sue' ABOY
1,760 yards MILE
Actress Cannon DYAN
Ancient warship TRIREME
Aperture SLIT
Arduous journey TREK
Beat walker COP
Beethoven's '___ Solemnis' MISSA
Brazen one HUSSY
Break SNAP
Breakfast order TOAST
Bring down ABASE
Brings in the sheaves REAPS
Cattle, old-style KINE
City on the Irtysh OMSK
City on the Volga ASTRAKHAN
Clipped SHORN
Come down to earth LAND
Complain bitterly RAIL
Condiment container CRUET
Cub Scout leader AKELA
Darling of Paris HELEN
Deficit LOSS
Difficult HARD
Dispatch a dragon SLAY
Distrustful LEERY
Duel souvenir SCAR
Clues Answers
Film ___ (movie genre) NOIR
Fretted instrument LUTE
Get comfy NESTLE
Get on one's nerves RANKLE
Happening every eight years OCTENNIAL
Job for Holmes CASE
Kampala's country UGANDA
Language of Kuala Lumpur MALAY
Like some professors TENURED
Long-necked waders HERONS
Newspaper section OBITS
Nimble SPRY
Noah's eldest son SHEM
Office gizmo LABELER
One branch of Islam SHIISM
One-celled animal AMOEBA
Outcome RESULT
Passes along RELAYS
Pasta topping PARMESAN
Phone company employee OPERATOR
Powerful whirlpool MAELSTROM
School org. PTA
Seasickness MALDEMER
Silent film star Theda BARA
Sleep like __ ALOG
Steak style RARE
Subatomic particle PION
Tom, Dick or Harry? MALE
Tunisian resort town MONASTIR
Turkish cavalryman SPAHI
Type of triangle ISOSCELES
Unglossy finish MATTE
US/Canada security system NORAD
___ Dei AGNUS