The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 24,392 - Jun 12 2004

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Clues Answers
Approaching enemy without king gaining prominence COMINGTOTHEFORE
Be unwell with nurse round at last TAILEND
But this craft is not used for winter cruises ICEBOAT
Dandy serf not in US city NASHVILLE
Enemy area! One of 24 around earth TIMEZONE
Evasively preparing to offer new deal Shuffling
Exchange income and gain ascendancy DOMINANCE
Fired about a quantity of liquid LITRE
Fixed to fight SETTO
Good fellow, one in Germany, a mug! STEIN
In places making up both ends of the journey HEREANDTHERE
It's separate this decision SPLIT
Made correct mark at the start having been reprimanded TICKEDOFF
Mainly it contains water OCEAN
Clues Answers
Mineral Ronald takes round in anger IRONORE
Old eccentric from Western Australia first had mechanical gadget WALDO
On which one has no obligation to buy APPRO
One is not sure about taking these steps Hesitationwaltz
Oops! Breaks down total, it's beastly OPOSSUM
Penny and I went round town hesitantly for radioactive element PLUTONIUM
Radical point EXTREME
Removed silicone from area of rock strata ISOCLINE
Skill needed to get centaur on board? HORSEMANSHIP
Some vulgar mention of item of clothing GARMENT
The Andes, for instance, is such a target LONGRANGE
Whip gently starts entering new course SCOURGE
Widow does not have time for thing of the past RELIC