- Jun 24 2007

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Clues Answers
''Electric'' sensors EYES
''I second that!'' METOO
''Magic Flute'' solo ARIA
''Night'' author Wiesel ELIE
''No Exit'' playwright SARTRE
''Roadshow'' item ANTIQUE
''Uh-huh!'' YEH
''West Side Story'' character ANITA
''__ a living'' ITS
18th-century agricultural inventor TULL
1960s protests SITINS
Accept blame with shame EATDIRT
Actor Gyllenhaal JAKE
Architect Mies van der __ ROHE
Aretha's music SOUL
As such PERSE
Auction caveat ASIS
Band dates GIGS
Baseball great Slaughter ENOS
Black Sea resort YALTA
Blow one's top ERUPT
Brief tremor? SHORTQUAKE
Cable TV sports award ESPY
Cane cutters MACHETES
Cardinal insignia STL
Cassiterite TINORE
Come before PREDATE
Compliment for Her Majesty? PEACHYQUEEN
Contract points TERMS
Corners, in geometry VERTEXES
Cruel one SADIST
Director Kazan ELIA
Draft status ONEA
Dryer fuzz LINT
Earth tone OCHRE
Eaves droppers ICICLES
Eccentric starship leader? CAPTAINQUIRK
Extremes TERMINI
Family helper AUPAIR
FedEx rival UPS
First-round KO strategy? QUICKBOXING
Flatfishes BREAMS
Frenetic and showy CIRCUSY
Frozen dessert PARFAIT
Gets away from ELUDES
Go around ORBIT
Goes after, as flies SWATS
Gold and silver, e.g. ORES
Good sign for Broadway producers SRO
GOP rivals DEMS
Graded item TEST
H.H. Munro's pseudonym SAKI
Had a long face MOPED
Had better attendance than OUTDREW
Half of a record SIDEA
Halloween costume APESUIT
He ''stung like a bee'' ALI
Henri's heads TETES
Horn sound TOOT
Invites to one's apartment HASUP
It may be a lot ACRE
L.A.-to-Burbank direction NNE
Large rodent NUTRIA
Last letters OMEGAS
Left ''The Tonight Show'' in the '80s? QUITCARSON
Letter writing, as some would say LOSTART
Like a Miss Universe contestant SASHED
Clues Answers
Like bad weather NASTY
Lloyd Webber score CATS
London lines QUEUES
Magic org. NBA
Managed COPED
Many anchors NEWSMEN
Math-proof letters QED
Memory unit KILOBYTE
Move like a buoy BOB
Musically accurate ONKEY
Navel type INNIE
Neither fem. nor masc. NEUT
Nick and Nora's pet ASTA
Nine-digit IDs SSNS
One of the Three Bears PAPA
One way to learn BYROTE
Org. for the Williams sisters USTA
Oscar-winner Arkin ALAN
Parisian's world MONDE
Party guy HOST
Party snack CANAPE
Permissible LICIT
Pitcher Paige SATCHEL
Play in the afternoon MATINEE
Plural ending ISTIC
Poem in 24 books ILIAD
Provoke to action PIQUE
Qum coin RIAL
Repast MEAL
Sadly sentimental MAUDLIN
School support groups PTAS
Sea shade AQUA
Sense of right and wrong ETHICS
Set the pace LED
Shad delicacy ROE
Shared JOINT
Shot from a small water pistol? MINISQUIRT
Singer Garfunkel ART
Small vials AMPULES
Soap-opera story line ARC
Social Studies assignment ESSAY
Some modern art DALIS
Spanish article UNA
Spend, spend, spend SPLURGE
Stains from eating calamari? SQUIDMARKS
Stooge name MOE
Stun guns TASERS
Suffix meaning ''resident'' ITE
Susan's ''All My Children'' role ERICA
Sweet sandwiches OREOS
T-Bird alternative VETTE
Thighbone FEMUR
Tic-tac-toe ploy? SQUARETACTIC
Tiny fraction of a 21 Across: Abbr. SQIN
Tool with teeth SAW
Traffic troubles TIEUPS
Turbaned sect SIKHS
Underground network SEWERS
Useful thing ASSET
Utopia EDEN
Vital sign PULSE
Wait uncomfortably SQUIRM
Warren Beatty film of '91 BUGSY
Was autocratic DICTATED
Woman's hat TOQUE
Words from a fortune-teller ISEE
__ Pieces (E.T. nosh) REESES
__-a-brac BRIC