The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 24,164 - Sep 19 2003

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Clues Answers
A central principle, not an opening communication! KEYNOTE
A glass ship rigged fore-and-aft SCHOONER
A man withdrawn before receiving discharge EREMITE
A telling characteristic? Far from it! RETICENCE
Cleared out and lay down DECLARE
Coaches among others show a certain circumspection RESTRAINT
Commute - and please walk ESPLANADE
Concerned with Greek and French compunction REGRET
Crushes a member of the family STEPSON
Divided about design for dress RAIMENT
Favour the man pressing a suit ADVOCATE
He's a high-flier - a high-minded individual ERNEST
How a ferryman assumes control? TAKESOVER
Latin and so on could well be abbreviated ETCETERA
Not paid for dressing the guinea-fowl PINTADO
Clues Answers
One writer will appear in red but not green RIPENED
Poles and Danes getting agitated about nothing ANODES
Prated about leave DEPART
Pupils of a school accepting South and North Europeans ESTONIANS
Reluctance to throw over the head SHYNESS
Shame quiet guys into a strike ABASHMENT
Soldiers at enlistment making response Rejoining
Some eggs at an ice-cream factory are diabolical! SATANIC
Stagger like a heavyweight before his knock-out ASTONISH
Steps a person can take to make getting up easier ESCALATOR
There are no signs indicating they are on the steps NOSINGS
This building worker is over forward MANSION
This Scottish scientist raced farm animals RANKINE
Visit returned by a girl in a lustrous coat SHELLAC
Woman covering for a worm ANNELID