Jonesin' - Jun 19 2007

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Clues Answers
"Mighty" superhero in 1987's "Adventures in Babysitting" THOR
"You may have a ___" POINT
"___ I?" MAY
Animal life FAUNA
Aspiring musician's dream status ROCKSTAR
Assert AVER
Beer buy CASE
Bookstore section HUMOR
Card dealer's hat VISOR
Coffeehouse freebie CREAM
College student's other focus MINOR
Colorful desktop IMAC
Couple, in the tabloids ITEM
Dance move STEP
Div. for the Dolphins AFC
Dove noise COO
Fails to float SINKS
Farmer's concern CROPS
Fencing sword EPEE
Financier's study: abbr. ECON
Fisher of "Wedding Crashers" ISLA
Fix a salad TOSS
Follow ENSUE
Former Iranian rulers SHAHS
French friends AMIS
Georgia and Armenia, once: abbr. SSRS
Gnarls Barkley member ___-Lo CEE
Grammy genre since 1991 RAP
Have ___ in one's knowledge AGAP
Help breaking into a puzzle HINT
How some people play FORKEEPS
Japanese martial art with bamboo swords KENDO
Jessica of the "Fantastic Four" series ALBA
Key for punctuation SHIFT
Knack for detail EYE
Libertarian ___ Paul RON
Clues Answers
Liqueurs used in "sour" cocktails AMARETTOS
Most solid SOUNDEST
Movie with a red pill and a blue pill THEMATRIX
MTV show that played electronica AMP
Night sight MOON
Norris or Woolery, after one too many buffets? ROUNDCHUCK
Openly gay OUT
Outfit worn while pole dancing? STRIPSKIRT
Parent's reason, with "because" ISAIDSO
Place on the fluff cycle again REDRY
Promote TOUT
Purchase ORDER
Rain hard POUR
Rich soil part HUMUS
Riot squad canister TEARGAS
Robert De Niro's film studio TRIBECA
Russian-born swimsuit model Sheik IRINA
Security badges CARDKEYS
Serving of ice in a beer hall drink? PORTERHOUSECUBE
Simple sandwich BLT
Smile from ear to ear BEAM
Stadium near LaGuardia Airport SHEA
Stain SPOT
Submit to a forum POST
Subscription unit ISSUE
Suffix for mountain EER
Test answer with a 50/50 shot TRUE
The big guns ARTILLERY
They may be calculated RISKS
They may have hot springs SPAS
Time to wake up, for many SIXAM
Type of pet that only needs water CHIA
Uno + due TRE
Vichyssoise ingredient LEEK
Wanda of "Evan Almighty" SYKES
Watchdog's warning RRR
What many thespians claim got them hooked ACTINGBUG