New York Times - Jul 31 1999

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Clues Answers
'I Still See ___' ('Paint Your Wagon' tune) ELISA
'Like a Rock' singer, 1986 SEGER
'The Female Eunuch' author GREER
'___ My Way' ('Porgy and Bess' tune) IMON
Almond-orange syrup ORGEAT
Altar offerings, maybe LAMBS
Art collectible CEL
Auction ender EER
Buttonwood SYCAMORE
Cager Archibald NATE
Capacity units, these days MEGS
Capone colleague NITTI
Certain SABRE
Chronicler of slum life RIIS
Concerns for Coleridge METRES
Crazy Horse, e.g. OGLALA
Either of two N.T. books COR
Homecoming spot ALMAMATER
Hospital supply VASELINE
Improved, in a way AGED
It's no matter ENERGY
Kind of college JUNIOR
Kind of verb: Abbr. INT
Knight of note GLADYS
Least cloudy SERENEST
Like Lincoln SLAIN
Like some efforts LASTDITCH
Like the chief fox SLIEST
Mario of the N.B.A. ELIE
Marketing sensation of 1998 VIAGRA
Mock words of enlightenment AHSO
Moss Hart's autobiography ACTONE
Most blue SALTIEST
Nick's time NITE
Nobelist Sakharov ANDREI
Clues Answers
Noel who played Lois Lane NEILL
Occupational hazard, often STRESS
Onetime Met Tommie AGEE
Pieces of pieces of eight REALES
Powers MIGHTS.
Pressure, metaphorically SCREWS
Primary ALPHA
Pucks IMPS
QB, at times PASSER
Recorder button REW
Regarding ASTO
Schoolyard putdown LIAR
Slipper? ESCAPER
Some bends ELLS
Some brunch servings RASHERS
Some tourneys PROAMS
Stereotypical fussbudgets AUNTS
Subterranean shorties GNOMES
Superheroes, to villains NEMESES
Tankerload: Abbr. BBL
The chosen ELECTEES
The losing combatant, usually ELTORO
The Strait of Otranto connects to it ADRIATIC
They get things rolling INCLINES
They're sometimes rolled in AISLES
Transitional zones between different plant communities ECOTONES
Used a hankie, maybe DABBED
Utah canyon BRYCE
Violinist Mintz SHLOMO
When Passion Sunday falls LENT
Whooping it up JUBILANT