New York Times - Jun 10 2007

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Clues Answers
'Down ___' (Janis Joplin song) ONME
'Fish Magic' and 'Twittering Machine' KLEES
'Harlequin's Carnival' painter MIRO
'Just a ___' (Marlene Dietrich's last film) GIGOLO
'The End of the Affair' author, 1951 GREENE
'The Mysterious Island' captain NEMO
'Under the Pink' singer Tori AMOS
'___ Crazy' (1977 Paul Davis hit) IGO
'___ the morning!' TOPO
1914 Booth Tarkington novel PENROD
Adam and Eve, at a diner EGGS
Admiral who went down with the Scharnhorst SPEE
Ally of the Cheyenne ARAPAHOE
Alternative to the euro: Abbr. USD
Answers, for short SOLS
Back then, back when ERST
Barrel org. OPEC
Batch of Brownies TROOP
Be too tight PINCH
Big letter EPISTLE
Bleu hue AZUR
Blog comments POSTS
Boeing worker: Abbr. ENGR
Branch of Islam SHIISM
Bridge supports TEETH
Broad terrace with a steep side MESA
Burning issue ASH
Capital of Valais canton SION
Car body strengtheners STRUTS
Car that 'beats the gassers and the rail jobs' in a 1964 hit GTO
Castigatory PUNITIVE
CAT scan units RADS
Cause for a massage ACHE
Chapter ERA
Cheese ___ NIPS
Chinese philosopher Chuang-___ TSE
Churchillian trademark CIGAR
Circular edge RIM
Comment made while crossing the fingers IHOPE
Consume piggishly ENGLUT
Contortionist HUMANPRETZEL
Côte d'Or's capital DIJON
Countenances ACCEPTS
Crony CHUM
Crookspeak ARGOT
December laughs HOS
Devilkin IMP
Disentangle UNPILE
Doc bloc: Abbr. HMO
Doc's wife in 'Come Back, Little Sheba' LOLA
Dudley Do-Right's love NELL
Early racer CHARIOT grp. EPA
European Union member since 2004 ESTONIA
Fall event, usually SEASONPREMIERE
Father of Henry II EDSEL
Fig. in TV's 'Third Watch' EMT
First sign THERAM
Flag raiser HALYARD
Free, in a way UNPEG
Fully ready RIPE
Gets to commit PINSDOWN
Give up on détente REARM
Glass bottom STEM
Good name for a minimalist? LES
Hair-raising cry EEK
Handel oratorio MESSIAH
Initial sounds of a relief effort? PLOPPLOP
It sticks to the ribs STERNUM
It's for the birds COOP
Clues Answers
Italicizes, e.g. STRESSES
Jump over OMIT
K.G.B. predecessor OGPU
Kind of barrier SONIC
Kurt denial? NEIN
Lake that James Fenimore Cooper called Glimmerglass OTSEGO
Lhasa ___ APSO
Lifter's rippler PEC
Live in the past? DWELT
Mary Shelley subtitle, with 'The' MODERNPROMETHEUS
Matter of W.W. II secrecy MANHATTANPROJECT
Mindful of ONTO
Miracle-___ GRO
Moved purposefully STRODE
Muff ERR
Mystery award EDGAR
New wrinkles TWISTS
Nonmechanized weapon LONGBOW
Ottoman, e.g.: Abbr. EMP
Palatable SAPID
Permanently INPEN
Pianist Rubinstein ARTUR
Piggy TOE
Poet who wrote 'Immature poets imitate; mature poets steal' ELIOT
Priority system TRIAGE
Put on a happy face GRIN
Q player in 'Die Another Day' CLEESE
Rank and file ROWS
Reach for the stars ASPIRE
Reading and others: Abbr. RRS
Recipe measures: Abbr. TSPS
Risibility MIRTH
Robert Burns poem TOAMOUSE
Russian literary award established in 1881 PUSHKINPRIZE
Salmagundi OLIO
Second-highest mountain in the lower 48 states ELBERT
Sent sprawling KOD
Short notes IOUS
Short ways to go? RTES
Sign of neglect RUST
Skyscraper TOWER
Slightly tainted GAMY
Social workers ANTS
Sot spot PUB
Special ___ OPS
Stately old dance PAVANE
Stir up STOKE
Subject of a Boito opera NERO
Swiss resort with the Cresta Run STMORITZ
Tax relief, e.g. CAMPAIGNPROMISE
The whale in 'Pinocchio' MONSTRO
They're the pits SEEDS
Thingumbob GIZMO
Timeline breaks GAPS
Transverse rafter-joining timber TIEBEAM
Turned yellow, maybe RAN
TV star who directed the 1999 documentary 'Barenaked in America' JASONPRIESTLEY
Using one's shirtsleeve as a napkin, e.g. COARSE
Vocal opponent JEERER
Where Huxley taught Orwell ETON
Where the Storting sits OSLO
Windsurfers' mecca MAUI
Words of endorsement SIGNHERE
World's biggest city built on continuous permafrost YAKUTSK
World's smallest island nation NAURU
___ cards (ESP testers) ZENER
___-eyed SLOE