The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 130 - Apr 16 2009

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Clues Answers
& 23 Among Anglicans chorus hum to disconcert poor creature CHURCH
& 25 Archbishop�s rule for monks is in error about very small item MORTONS
A variety of sources is needed to discover the King of Lydia CROESUS
Beneficiary of a miracle is gull in Arizona? Just the opposite LAZARUS
Drink without food can make one arrogant STUCKUP
European Community reversed regulation for �sky blue� CERULE
Everything possible with kosher cooking follows Torah primarily THEWORKS
Expressions of good health produced by small frankfurters Down Under CHEERIOS
God�s means of attack in Merchant Navy MAMMON
Gold for mother and army people who act by routine AUTOMATA
Heartless adolescent is shut up IMMURE
In India one short man is in need INDIGENT
In US twister�s making new trouble after corruption is reciprocated TORNADO
It is soundness of mind to include a third bit of carbolic to be hygienic SANITARY
Money from plays in church? On the contrary DRACHMAS
Clues Answers
Nervous unit is concerned about cable attached to damaged vehicle REFLEXARC
Patricide could perhaps be related to the care of children in America PEDIATRIC
Phrygian king is mad, mad MIDAS
Player of stringed instrument has return of sickness at heart CORELLI
Profiteer when tourist acquires collections ASSETSTRIPPER
Recipient of Holy Communion in a hospital? ASHCAN
Relating to ticks, accountant has lowest emotional state in recession ACARIDAN
Retreat of sheep by tree ASHRAM
See 1 Down MOUSE
See 11 FORK
Some satiric humour is outrageous RICH
Teacher's ill-mannered to retort about censor EDUCATOR
Vitamin's manufactured from coccidia, innit? NICOTINICACID
Where Henry was lost among clothes thrown out? CLOSET
You sound very loud in zone 1 gallery UFFIZI