Universal - Jun 9 2007

Clues Answers
''... not ___ mouse'' EVENA
''And away ___!'' WEGO
''Et tu, Brute? Then fall, Caesar!,'' e.g. FAMOUSLASTWORDS
''Get my drift?'' SEE
''Go to the right, jackass!'' GEE
''My dog ate my homework,'' e.g. LAMEEXCUSE
''No man ___ island'' ISAN
''Relax, and that's an order!'' ATEASE
''So'' homophone SEW
''The Untouchables'' character NESS
''What a way to ___ living!'' EARNA
''___ la la!'' OOH
17-Across, in a joke TAXDEDUCTION
Addition to the family NEWBORNBABY
Agendum, e.g. ITEM
Allowing a draft AJAR
Alpine elevator TBAR
Apollo quaff TANG
Arrival of 17-Across, e.g. BLESSEDEVENT
Autos' emergency replacements SPARETIRES
Blood and acid, e.g. TESTS
Brewski barrels KEGS
Christmas quaff NOG
Coin of little worth SOU
Colors slightly TINCTS
Desert formation SANDDUNE
Dipstick word ADD
Early second-millennium date MIV
Eminent introduction? PRE
Fedorov of the NHL SERGEI
Food safety agcy. FDA
Garden party? EVE
Gas or elec. UTIL
Gateway Arch site STLOUIS
General of Chinese chicken fame TSO
Had in common SHARED
Have ___ (enjoy yourself immensely) ABALL
Heavy Philippine knife BOLO
Clues Answers
Holds spellbound RIVETS
How some films are delivered to the studio ONBUDGET
Humdinger LULU
Incites or pushes URGESON
Latest scoop NEWS
Log-on requirement USERID
Martin's ''That's ___'' AMORE
Mauna ___, Hawaiian volcano LOA
Moderated EMCEED
Nautical offs. CMDRS
Nike competitor REEBOK
Not the original color DYED
Obsolete palindromic preposition ERE
Of the highest quality, informally AONE
Old Faithful, e.g. GEYSER
Online journal BLOG
Peterson portrayer on ''Cheers'' WENDT
Plant appendage AWN
Razor-billed diving bird AUK
Roar of a Spanish crowd OLE
Semi front CAB
Show excessive fondness DOTE
SSN, e.g. IDNO
Stu of old films ERWIN
Suffix with ''lemon'' or ''lime'' ADE
Sushi servings EELS
They're paid to make trades, briefly GMS
Three of a kind? III
Toyland visitors BABES
Tree with yellow ribbons? OAK
Type of mitt or rack OVEN
Up until now TODATE
Wading bird EGRET
Waikiki feast LUAU
What 17-Across is BUNDLEOFJOY
Yegg's target SAFE
___ about (approximately) ONOR
___-80 (classic computer) TRS