The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 62 - Dec 17 2008

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Clues Answers
100 almost 'ere - unfortunately they may miss the boat LATECOMERS
A statistical value provided for the members ARMS
About to meet seductresses, brightens up REVAMPS
Admit no prisoner is ordinary FESS
Cad participating in the elopement HEEL
Declare nothing's been smuggled in a car AVOW
Extend chute outside home SPINOUT
Fish brought aboard ship behaves like a whale SPOUTS
Former political leader in ancient coat - there's bad, bad article about it HAROLDMACMILLAN
French grocer set up without one method for handling food RECIPE
Historian understood America TACITUS
I am an Irish nut and am troubled by a principle of benevolence HUMANITARIANISM
I'm locked up - I meant to reform INMATE
Insect turning over in seaweed TANG
Knowing about the East demanding to be put into a non-Eastern culture WESTERNISE
Clues Answers
Loss of time after furious running around DAMAGE
Maybe do something to explain text? NOTE
One who follows second person on the podium? STALKER
Painters who may soon lose their pupils? OLDMASTERS
Palace engendering excellent lines in poetry VERSAILLES
Particular parliament screening a film DETAIL
Police officers may have suspicion about individual, not half! SUPERS
Punishment early murderer's said to get CANE
Put a menial to work for doctor MANIPULATE
Theologian into marijuana with a partner WEDDED
There's little right in bad manners and carelessness IMPRUDENCE
This man Cromwell, not male well disposed to be one MONARCHIST
Time when a security person may be left in the dark NIGHTWATCH
Way little fellow goes round university town STROUD
Welsh town of an American character MOLD