The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 23,717 - Apr 15 2002

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Clues Answers
A mistake whichever way you look at it BOOB
Abominable, if not extreme, form of explosive device NAILBOMB
Absurd aim for a fieldsman SILLYPOINT
Appear to make a sound joint SEEM
Bat that may be held in the hand CLUB
Battle contributing to military prestige? YPRES
Castles in the air? ROOKS
Chinese soup ingredients often include eggs BIRDSNESTS
Colour scheme for last month - heraldic gold DECOR
Customers sit in their own seats in these cinemas DRIVEIN
Damaged blue car may be restored to good condition CURABLE
Face the team SIDE
Fire stations? HEARTHS
Growing sources of light BULBS
He may get a poor press, aptly enough OPPRESSOR
Ideal material for a plinth? BASEMETAL
Clues Answers
In a neat move catch the girl NANETTE
In the main, they're disasters for Lloyds SHIPWRECKS
Its members presumably try to improve their services TENNISCLUB
Kind of crossing made by Drake's ship PELICAN
Look round a ship for a rope LASSO
More than one player is in new boots OBOISTS
Predator moved to show a sign of distress TEARDROP
Relatively patronising NEPOTIC
Respond to plea to return to the stage REACT
Ring of the cheapest sort? LOCALCALL
Roll up for what suckers buy by the score CIGARETTE
Security is brought back in store DEPOSIT
There's a great deal to this game LOTTO
Tightly packed Wimbledon crowd may well enjoy it CLOSESET
Understood vessel could be reserved TACITURN
Use one line, or it may need two ANGLE